A Creative Environment



The studio was originally a utility garage. It wasn’t so pretty. Stained white shelving across one side, two different sets of garage doors and an old grease stained concrete floor. The ceilings had definitely seen better days. They had moldy wet spots and a diverse self-contained ecosystem seemed to be forming from the insects that had made their homes in the unused space. To be honest, it was pretty much a dump when we first moved in.


Despite the initial first impression, I did see a plus side to the space. It had a full bathroom complete with a shower and there were two large garages with a wall dividing it in half (three or four cars could comfortably fit inside all the space!). I think most people would have seen the bugs and dirty bathroom and run away…but I saw potential, lots of potential. It just needed some elbow grease.



We removed one row of shelving and like magic a new workspace opened up for us to use. I decided to take the slightly smaller part of the garage that was fully enclosed and turn it into our studio. The awkward garage doors that led out to the backyard were replaced with French doors. You can now see the cow fields, trees and pool from the studio and it lets in lots of natural light. It took a lot of cleaning and a lot of planning but it slowly transformed from a dirty abandoned garage to a habitable room and finally into the studio I had envisioned when we first bought the house. It took a lot of bug spray, power washing, and paint but I’m happy with the way it turned out. I even hand-stenciled the flooring design and painted it myself in order to save costs. It gave it a unique and one-of-kind feel. I like the pop of color and especially the way it hides all the metal dust and bits that always seem to make their way to the floor.


I think it’s important to have a creative environment in order to make creative work. If the garage was a dull and boring gray then I don’t think I would feel the same level of motivation and inspiration when I am working on designs. Nowaday I like to spend the morning sitting in the studio sketching in my design book while watching our dogs playing around in the yard through the French doors.



I’ve have been working on jewelry making for over twelve years and this is the first time I have had a space of my own. I cleaned and built it together with just the help of my kids and my own personal determination. It’s not the most luxurious place but it’s my own personal space that helps my creativity grow and that’s enough for me.