Rural Americana




My husband and I decided we needed a change after living in the same home outside of Dallas, Texas for over 15 years. Our children were grown and we had good paying jobs but after a while the daily hour long commute into Dallas began to grow tiring. At first the thought of selling the 1980’s builder’s decor house that we had spent years slowly transforming into our modern yet charming country farmhouse style wasn’t an easy decision. But we knew we needed change. With work always seeming to increase and becoming more and more demanding...moving closer to the city wasn’t something we were willing to consider. We were ready to slow things down instead of speed things up. know how you dream of just throwing everything aside and moving abroad? Well that’s just what we did. Sorta. We didn’t throw away everything but we did sell the house and we got rid of all the useless clutter. I think it must have been fate that we had been searching for a new direction in our lives because at just the right time the stars seemed to align. A random Internet inquiry led to a new job for my husband and my job, just one year away from retirement with full benefits, was willing to allow me to telecommute part-time so that we could make the move and start a new adventure in our twilight years. The house sold in less than 24 hours on the market. It still amazes me how quickly and easily everything progressed.

Still, to this day, it makes me think that things were just meant to be.


So only a few short months after deciding we needed a change, we loaded up our dogs and moved to a small rural community in Texas. My husband, tired of working in the big city, wanted to give back to the community and took at job at a local clinic that helped people in real need.

Because the move happened so fast we didn’t have time to find a house right away so we leased a rental property so I could spend some real time looking for our next “home”. I knew I was going to retire soon but my plan had never been to “really” retire. I wanted to do something creative. I wanted a house that would be a project and a creative outlet. I also wanted to finally take the step from a private jewelry creator to a full-fledged business owner and designer.

So I took my time with finding a house just like I take my time when creating new jewelry designs. I have always loved unique jewelry. Not the trendy stuff but the one of a kind pieces. Big or small. A simple necklace or a chunky bangle. It’s not about just being a piece of jewelry but rather about making a statement about the person wearing it. I wanted a home that I could do the same with. I wanted to turn a normal cookie-cutter house into a home that reflected both my style and tastes (and, of course, my husband’s favorite things too!).


I guess the point I’m trying to make is that everything happens for a reason. After three months of renovations we were living the country life. My husband’s commute went from one hour to 6 minutes and we turned the garage into a studio. I’ve also retired from my full-time corporate job to become a full-time artist. And now, less than a year after the big move, P2 Jewelry is open. The jewelry is going to be all original work and unique. There’s a story behind every piece. Kinda like there is a story to my life and the decisions and fate that guided us to this moment.

I hope you guys will follow along this journey with us and find your own inspiration and interests reflected in our work!