A New Adventure

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The core of any successful business is finding a passion. P2 Jewelry was born out of Patty and Penelope’s desire to create a timeless memory of their adventures and experiences. This jewelry is not merely a few pretty pieces of metal molded together but rather the accumulation of years of experience reflected into a distinct style. In it’s most basic aesthetic, our jewelry is meant to take an ephemeral moment and create a piece of jewelry that will leaving an ever-lasting impression of a time, place, or adventure.


For over 12 years, Patty and Penelope dabbed in multiple forms of jewelry creation based upon styles discovered during travels or interests such as archeology and diverse cultures experienced abroad. In the beginning Patty and Penelope used to create handmade pieces for themselves but have decided to expand their product to appeal to a wider audience who are interested in products that will hold deeper memories and significance than any store bought souvenir. Each item is hand-forged and intricately detailed. There is no exact replication, no mass production, and only 100% authenticity. 

As a small business, Patty and Penelope are working from the ground-up to create quality and practical pieces that align with their philosophy. Quality materials, finely crafted details, and a lasting impression are the fundamental elements of the P2 Jewelry collection. Our products are about giving you a lasting memory as unique as your own personal experience.

We hope that you will join with us on our exciting new adventure! 

Patty & Penelope