Our Story

“One of a kind, hand-forged jewelry for you.”
— Patty & Penelope

The Idea

P2 Jewelry is a mother-daughter owned business located in Texas, focused on one of a kind hand-crafted jewelry inspired by Patty and Penelope's time spent traveling abroad, imagination influenced by hours of listening to fantasy audiobooks, the beautiful nature found in rural Texas, and even by their homes filled with cuddly rescue dogs. What initially began as a hobby, has turned into a thriving business spurred on by long hours spent finely crafting unique pieces of the P2 Jewelry Collection in order to create individualistic pieces that break the cookie-cutter mold of many jewelry collections.

Our Philosophy

Creating an organic atmosphere with high-quality and easily wearable items without sacrificing quality is the hallmark of P2's style. Every single item is hand-crafted and intricately detailed to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your jewelry collections. P2 Jewelry is crafted from premium products made from the finest raw ingredients and hand-forged into individual pieces. No two-pieces are the same, each with distinguishing features to create an original piece which is easy-to-wear and flattering in style for every type of customer.